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Signs of Death Which Have Been shown to People

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Signs Of Death Which Have Been Shown to People
1. My father had a boy working for him one time, and he got sick very suddenly of a Saturday evening and died on Sunday evening between six and seven oclock. The moment he died a light appeared in his uncles house, and a few minutes later, they got work that he was dead.

2. When my Grandmother (Mrs. Hoade) died in Jan. 1921, her son, Michael was up in his own house and he heard a deep sigh. He looked around to see who it was but there was no one in it. It was his mother who had just died.
3. Paddy Hoade (Cannaheena) was in Galway hospital last August 1937. On the night before he died the cocks began to crow about half eleven or twelve. His mother went to take his pope and tobacco out of the press, and when she did, the whole mantelpiece shook, and he died early the following morning.
4. There was a Guard in Craughwell once, and as he was doing his duty, a funeral passed him and he walked a few steps after it, but when he turned back, it all disappeared, and he died himself shortly after.

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Cathair Loistreáin, Co. na Gaillimhe