Scoil: Foxrock (St Brigid's)

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The people long ago and some nowadays are very superstitious, and some of their beliefs were as follows -
If your right hand is itching, that means a shake hands, and if it is your left hand you will be getting money.
If your right eye is itching you will be laughing and if your left eye is itching you will be crying.
If you let a knife fall, and the point tips the ground, it is a man to the house.
If your elbow is itching it is a surprise of a present.
If you let your glove and pick it up yourself it is a disappointment, and whoever picks it up, it is an introduction to him or her.
If you meet a woman or a man with red hair first thing in the morning it is unlucky, and you should turn your back.
If you find a horse-shoe on the road you should bring it home, and hang it over the door for good luck.
If your tooth falls out you should put it in a glass of water, and leave it there, throughout the night, and in the morning, there is supposed to be sixpence in its place.
If you put on any of your clothes inside out

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