Scoil: Killossery, Kilsallaghan

Cill Lasra, Co. Bhaile Átha Cliath
B. Ó Corbhallagh

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Killossery, Kilsallaghan | Bailiúchán na Scol

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Bailiúchán na Scol, Imleabhar 0789, Leathanach 251

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Near Lispopple there are two divisions of land separated by a row of as and thorn tress. Under this row of tree's there were supposed to be crocks of gold found at different periods. The marks of the digging still

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Kathleen Greene
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Baile an Rólaigh Thiar, Co. Bhaile Átha Cliath
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of the famine it was owned by a lady named Lady Caddel. It is said that at that time she hired the poor of the district to build that mound. It is also said that the men's wages were a stone of meat per day.
There are ruins of a house in Mountsteward. It is said that it is haunted at twelve-o-clock at night. There was a man killed at it.
There is also an old ruin which was known in olden times as Glasmer Abbey now known as Mooretown. It is situated about a mile west of Swords. up to this day it is believed that some wierd sounds we heard at mid-night about the place. Some time ago the owner of the land tried to move some stones from the interior of the building, but was unable to do so.