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Bun an Phobail, Co. Dhún na nGall
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Local Marriage Customs

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Bailiúchán na Scol, Imleabhar 1119, Leathanach 300

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Local Marriage Customs
Marriages take place around Easter usually before and after Lent and in the month of September. They take place frequently around Shrove and there is an old custom to eat pancakes then. You put a ring in a pancake and whoever gets the ring will be married first.
The month of May is thought unlucky to be married in and Friday and Saturday the unlucky days. There is a verse said locally about the lucky and unlucky days to be married in.
Monday for health
Tuesday for wealth
Wednesday the best day of all
Thursday for losses
Friday for crosses
And saturday no luck at all
Matches were made more frequently in olden days than

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Kathleen Gibson
Bun an Phobail, Co. Dhún na nGall