School: Niall Mór (roll number 11843)

Na Cealla Beaga, Co. Dhún na nGall
B. Mac Niallghuis
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1039, Page 241

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1039, Page 241

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  1. A Fairy Story;-
    One night a young girl of about thirteen years of age was [was] washing potatoes outside her home. Some person called her and she went to the place where the voice came from to see who wanted her. It is not known who called her or what she was bade do, but after a few hours she was found running away on a lonely road. She was brought home, but on being questioned about where she had been she remained silent. She was put to bed and in the morning again she wouldn't speak. She also refused to eat anything when any person was was looking at her, (but) she could be seen eating and enjoying herself when she thought no person was watching her. Her mother was very worried about her daughter's strange behaviour and so informed the priest. The priest told her to watch the girl and on the following day when she would call "Mama" to catch her. She promised to do so, but unfortunately was late for the girl's call. But on the second day she carried out the priest's orders and the girl was restored to her senses. But she refused to relate anything about her strange behaviour.
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    1. gníomhairí (~1)
      1. neacha neamhshaolta agus osnádúrtha (~14,864)
    Kathleen Mc Cahill
    Na Cealla Beaga, Co. Dhún na nGall
    Lizzie Mc Brearty
    Na Cealla Beaga, Co. Dhún na nGall