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How to Catch Animals and Birds

Tagairt Chartlainne

Bailiúchán na Scol, Imleabhar 0640, Leathanach 399

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The only animal that is caught around this district is the rabbit. He is caught by means of a snare which is made of fine wire with a piece of cord and a peg. This peg is stuck down in the ground and the snare is placed over the path of the rabbit. The wire is held up by a piece of a stick called a skewer. There are many ways for catching birds and some of them are very cruel. They are caught by a crib which is made of laths. A frame is made of laths. The laths are put every second one until they reach about half-foot in height and then it is closed in at the top. This crib is put up and there is a bow in it. When the bird steps on this bow the crib snaps down and the bird is caught underneath it. A usual pastime in tours for girls and boys is to play 'Pickey'. Six or eight squares are made on smooth ground. A flat stone is placed in the first square and it is pushed around the squares without touching the lines. Another pastime for a boy is a slashing-top. A top and a whip are got. The top is put spinning on the road and it is slashed with the whip. A usual pastime for girls is to play gob-stones. Five stones are

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