School: Claremorris (B.) (roll number 9863)

Clár Chlainne Mhuiris, Co. Mhaigh Eo
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0098, Page 141

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0098, Page 141

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  1. Local Marriage Customs.
    When a man decides he will get married he usually has his eye on some girl he fancies. Very likely he has it all arranged with the girl already. But in order to settle the dowry, that is the money or property the girl will get from her people, he must meet the girls parents. He usually gets a man who is friendly with the family to introduce. The meeting usually takes place in a trubbic house in town. The far seening shop-keeper takes them to his drawing-room to make arranagements, for well he knows there is many a drink he will sell before everything is settled. Then the pair is engaged. Then all the rush and hurry start. Them dress for the bride has to be got and people say that it is unlucky for the girl to meet her husband until they meet in the church on the wedding day. There are
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    1. gníomhaíochtaí
      1. gníomhaíochtaí sóisialta (~7)
        1. deasghnátha aistrithe saoil (~573)
          1. pósadh (~4,283)
    V. Downey