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Weddings in Olden Times

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Weddings in Olden Times

There is a great difference between weddings now and sixty or seventy years ago. At that time the marriage ceremony took place in the house.
In later years they thought it was more holy to go to the church to be married.
First of all the 'match' was made. From the Twelfth Day to Shrove Tuesday was the time for matchmaking, they got very small fortunes, they used to get only about fifteen pounds and a feathered bed and a box made by the carpenter and painted red, and in it they would have blankets, and sheets and towels and in addition to that they got a calf or a few sheep.
The day of the wedding there would be great rejoicing and excitement in the village, and all the women of the village would be cooking at the man's house.
Going to the Church the pair to be married took the "short" road, and when they were passing people threw old shoes or clogs after them and sometimes old shoes were tied to the cars so that the pair would have good

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