1. K014.25.00001

    Political History: Bessbrook, old pistol found in tree.

  2. D136.33.00001

    The Army: Positioning a gun.

  3. D136.33.00002

    The Army: Barracks and artillery exercises.

  4. D136.33.00005

    The Army: Operating gun.

  5. D136.33.00006

    The Army: Operating gun.

  6. K014.21.00001


    Political History: Fenian Flag, Anglesboro.

  7. K025.24.00003


    Local traditions - Local event: Marconi Cottage. This one bears the plaque.

  8. K030.24.00001

    Strife and combat/opression and bravery: Pike found on Rathlin being held by Peter McMullen who now owns it.

  9. K030.15.00001


    Strife and combat/opression and bravery: Pike head found in Bavan, Omeath by Peter Sloan of Bavan.

  10. A001.18.01045


    Landscape: Blasket Landscape.

  11. H032.18.00021


    St Brigid's Day and Brigid's Cross: Brídeoga, Cill Ghobnait.

  12. A061.01.00001


    Old buildings: Spanish arch.

  13. D037.18.00002


    Travelling people: camp near Baile na nGall.

  14. D036.26.00011


    Rich and Poor: Micheal J. Murphy at Bawnboy Workhouse.

  15. D036.26.00012


    Rich and Poor: Leo Corduff at Bawnboy Workhouse.

  16. D037.01.00001


    Travelling people: taken at Páirc Gharbh.

  17. D037.28.00001


    Travelling people: Two of McMahon family at road side shelter where Travellers sleep at night; used as a shelter with fire of sticks and brambles in daytime.

  18. D037.14.00001


    Travelling people: Large family portrait in open air, there are six children sitting on the ground and a baby is being held in her mother’s arms. Two of the men are wearing a hat and a woman is wearing a shawl.

  19. D037.18.00006


    Begging people and travelling people: Travelling people on roadside. Roadway leading up to a group of caravans parked at the side of the road, there is a dog walking up the road.

  20. D037.01.00010

    Travelling people: Travellers caravans on the road.

  21. Tuilleadh grianghraf