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  1. Story - Monaincha

    Nellie Prince
    Ned Quinlan

    My grandfather, Ned Quinlan, gave me this story about Monaincha. Cromwell came in tin boots from Tenderry to Monaincha many centuries ago with his soldiers, and exectured, and hung all the holy monks on the surrounding trees. These trees were sold to the people living in the nearest villages and when the people put them on the fire, they would not burn. There was a lake in Monainche, and all the monks threw all their Sacred

  2. Hidden Treasure

    Michéal Ó Riain
    Roidí O Riáin

    Not many years ago a man dreamt three nights in succession of a hidden treasure in Monaincha church yard. One night he went down to the church yard to dig for the treasure. He had dug for some time when he discovered a stone cross. Before he had time to raise it up a terrible gale of wind arose. He lost his courage and fainted. When he recovered from the shock he was lying in the middle of a field some distance from the church yard.
    He went home and went to bed, and remained there for a long time after. When the people went to look at where he had been digging , the hole was closed up and the ground just as it had been before.
    Some people say the man got money but they cannot say if it is true.

  3. Monaincha


    wood in Tinderry.
    Monaincha fell into the hands of one, Birch, who had a Brewery near the place and who wishing to add to the supply of water needed for his Brewery had a drain cut from the island to a little brook near by.
    When the drain was cut, the old people say that the water stood still and would not move along the drain. One of the workmen then raised his spade and gave utterance to the following - 'if you do not go in the name of God, go in the name of the devil!'
    The water then rushed with such force that the rumbling sounds resembled thunder, and was heard for miles around the district.

  4. Hidden Treasure

    Peggy Saunders
    Mrs J. Brophy
    circa 50

    down into the water. When the monks left Monaincha Millars bought the place and when they heard about the treasure they decided to look for it.
    One day one of the Millars was rowing on the lake and he felt some object beneath the oar. He marked the place and he went home to get some object to lift it out of the lake. When he returned the object was gone. The lake was drained and the place around the lake dug and it could not be found.

    Written by:
    Peggy Saunders,
    Castie Street,

  5. A dam around this Island,
    It contains a blessed lock,
    It was their daily pleasure.
    This Saintly place to mock,
    One of those daring tyrants, with a spade he made a blow,
    But when the dam was broken sure the water would not flow,
    This minister's day is near at hand, he'll go best old spot,
    Away in Monaincha where the smugglers were caught
    No tyrant to replace him
    When his generation ye do scon
    I hope please God, I

  6. Patron Saint


    Founded his first monastery in Corville and another in Church Street. The ruins of both are to be seen still.
    He was also a member of the community in the monastery at Monaincha.
    There is no account of his death or burial place. His father was Odran of the people of Ely O'Carroll. His mother was a native of West Clare.
    The ruler of Ely's territory expelled Odran and his family so they settled in Clare.
    His early training was in a little monastery which was west of the home of his parents. At the proper age he was ordained priest - afterwards bishop and finally organised his diocese Roscrea in the Ely O'Carroll county.
    He founded his first monastery at Tulla Ruadha of the shores of Lough Derg on the Connaught side -
    He established a monastery at Sean Ross - a spot remote from the great highway.
    The present ruins are about 1,100 years old -
    The style of building is Romanesque.
    He died between AD 619 and AD626.

  7. The White Lady

    Seamus Dynan
    Mrs D. Maher

    Cromwell plundered and sacked the monastery at Monaincha. At this time there lived in Clonan and Corville the clan of the O'Meaghers (Maher).
    When they heard that Cromwell had destroyed the monastery they gathered their army and marched against him.
    They took with them all their money. On their way they decided that it was dangerous for them to carry the money so they determined to bury it. They buried it in an old fort in the townsland of Corville convenient to Corville school. Being afraid that the money would be taken one of the chief's sisters was left to mind it dead or alive.
    Cromwell did not take the route that the O'Meaghers expected and so they missed him. When Cromwell and his soldiers came along they killed the lady. Afterwards she was seen walking up and down the lane between the fort and Searsons each evening at dusk. She was dressed in a beautiful white garment. Several people saw her and passed her but she did not molest anyone.
    One evening a man asked her what was troubling her and she told him that she was left to mind dead or alive a crock of gold which was buried in the fort. She then told him how he could obtain the crock. He would have to get a black cat without a white hair or a white cock without a black feather. Having got either he could then dig for the gold. When he would come upon a stone flag he was to kill either of the two and spill the blood on it.
    A story is told of a man named Dan Maher and a man by name Barry who went to dig for the gold. They had with them a white cock without a black feather. Eventually they came upon the stone flag.

  8. live to see the last of Cromwell's clan.
    Note: "Holy Island" is another name for Monaincha. Which is the ruin of an ancient monostery some distance outside Roscrea.

    The above ballad was composed by
    D. Molloy,
    And obtained from:
    Mr John Delaney,
    New Rd,
    Written By:
    Philomena Tobin,
    Age: 12