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  1. Piseoga

    Philomena Ryan

    thought they were skimming the cream off their neighbour's milk.
    It is said that a woman hides in a glen and when she sees any sign of smoke come from her neighbour's house she says "Let the butter of that house be to me this year." When the neighbour starts to make his butter he cannot do it because the spell of the witch is on it.

    People say if you pick lilac on May Eve and take it into the house you will have bad luck.
    If you borrow money on May Eve you will also have bad luck.
    If your right hand is itchy it is a sign you will be shaking hands with someone, and if your left hand is itchy, it is said you will get money.

  2. Old Cures

    Eoin Curran
    Michael Meaney

    Old Cures.

    Many years ago a woman named Mrs. Canty lived in Shanagolden, and she had many cures.
    For the yellow jaundice she made a drink of the branch of the lilac tree, and gave it to the sick person to drink for twenty days, and at the end of that time the sick person would be alright.
    She used also have a piece of bacon hanging on the hob for seven years and then she used it as a cure for sores, boils and other skin diseases.
    It was said long ago that a very good cure for a toothache was to get a horse shoe nail from a blacksmith of a third generation of blacksmiths and rub it to the bad tooth.
    A cure for sores was to put an asses winkers on the person and lead him in and

  3. Old Superstitions


    It is unlucky to leave feet water in the house on Saturday night. Some people consider it unlucky to leave it in the house any night. If they did they would expect to have had dreams.

    It is unlucky to bring cow slips into a house when a hen is hatching. The farmers wife would not like to see the children bring in gosling flowers when she would have a goose hatching, nor would she like to give a clutch of eggs to any person when her own birds would be hatching.
    It is lucky to leave the brush behind the door when going to bed.
    It is unlucky to bring white thorn or black thorn blossoms into the house or lilac into the house during the month of May.
    It is unlucky to walk under a ladder.
    It is unlucky to strike a person or an animal with an elder stick or with a sweeping brush with a dish cloth.