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  1. Hurling and Football Matches

    Alice K. Devine
    Mr John Prior

    There were many hurling and football matches played in this parish in former times. There was a hurling match played in the townland of Knockmore.

    The match was between the townlands of Cronera and Knockmore. The match was not finished because they began to fight, and they fought with their hurling sticks. There was also a tug o' war played in this townland years ago. It was between upper and lower Corlough. The team of lower Corlough won.
    The ball used to be kicked across from townland to townland and whatever townland won, had the honour of bringing home the ball with them.
    Sometimes the teams

  2. The Care of the Feet

    Róisín Byrne
    Mr Michael Byrne
    Mrs Michael Byrne

    Long ago boots were not worn by children until they were a long time walking. At the present time children go barefoot only in Summer. It is said it is unlucky to wash one's feet near the hearth stone, and when a person is throwing out the water in which he washed his feet he should not spit into it. Water in which feet are washed should not be thrown out at night.

    There is only one shoemaker in this locality now. He is Phil McGovern, Knockmore, Bawnboy, Co. Cavan. Clogs were worn very commonly in this district about thirty years ago, but they are not popular now.
    Long ago there lived a woman in this locality who never wore shoes until her wedding day.
    Foot coverings were made

  3. Old Stories

    Rita Mc Govern
    Mr John Mc Aloon

    About fifty years ago a man in this district died
    Some years afterwards his brother went to bed late one night. After a while the door opened and the brother who had died and many other people came into the room. The man got out of bed and welcomed him, He put his arms around him and begged him to stay. The dead brother said that he could not stay for he had to go to a certain house to bring away a person who was endanger of death. He asked his brother to get three Masses said for him because he was suffering in the next world. Then he disappeared from his brothers arms and never was seen again. The person he said he was going for was dead next morning.
    2. One night a man named Mr Patrick King, Knockmore, Corlough, Bawnboy, Co Cavan was coming home from Swanlinbar. He came to the crossroads at Dernacrieve.
    Before he could think he found himself in a lovely hall with religious pictures and statues and very nice furniture in it. He walked for a long and in the end walked out of the hall. He found himself in the same spot as he had been when he walked into the hall
    3. Long ago many people ceased attending Mass for

  4. Local Place Names

    Roisin Byrne
    Mr Michael Byrne
    Mr James Mc Govern

    Páirc, '' '
    ' The Little Meadow, ''
    '' The House Field, ''
    '' The Long Moss Field '' and
    '' The Big Field. ''

    Mr Peter McGovern, Knockmore, Bawnboy, Co. Cavan, owns a field called, '' The Malaidh Buidhe, ''
    which means '' The Yellow Brow. ''
    Mr. Peter McGovern, Teeboy, Bawnboy, Co. Cavan, owns a field called '' the Guirtín, which means,
    '' The little tillage field ''.
    Mr. Hugh Smith, Teeboy, Bawnboy, Co. Cavan has a field called
    '' The Currach '' which means
    boggy or soft ground.
    Mr. Pat Devine, Muineal, Bawnboy, Co. Cavan, has a field called
    '' The Crimay '' the meaning of which is not known.
    Mr. John Darcy, Teeboy, Bawnboy, Co. Cavan, owns a field in Muineal called '' Paratrairly '' the meaning of which is not known.
    A field which Mr. Hugh McGovern, Tonlagee, Bawnboy, owns, is called
    '' Comhgar an Bhóthair '' which means
    '' Near the Road. '' The