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  1. The site of St Dallan's Church in the townland of Killdallan is marked by a cemetry . The cemetry is surrounded by a fort in the middle of which grows a beech tree so large that its branches almost cover the graveyard.
    In this grave-yard the saintly Father Brian McGurrin was buried.

    Part of the above account I took from the history of the Diocese of Kilmore and as regards the grave-yard, when I was a child of Kildallan School I saw people coming from long distances for clay from Fr Brian's grave.

  2. This school is situated in the parish of Kildallan which takes its name from St Dallan Forgaill who was a cousin of St Mogue. St Dallan was son of Colla son of Ere and was therefore St Mogue's first cousin.

    He was at first called Eochaidh - he was a great student and wrote many books. He was a missionary scholar, and poet. Amongst other poems he wrote a panegyric on St Columbkille The 'Amhra Colum Chille". St Dallan defends the Christian bards at the synod of Drumceat (597) in the sixth century. He asked permission to read an elegy at the synod but St Columcille refused, saying that no man should be praised during life. After his death, however, an angel appeared to St Dallan and informed him. He immediately set about to publish the Elegy and at the same time he recovered his sight.
    His missionary labours extended to Donegal, Down, Meath and Westmeath. He died a martyr, murdered by pirates, about the year 598 in Iniskeel Co Donegal.
    His feast is celebrated on the 29th January.