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  1. Local Cures

    Rita Cahill
    Pilib Ó Muireadhaigh

    The "healing Leaf" or Greater Plantain is used for both drawing wounds and healing them. The leaf is plucked fresh and the underneath part is applied to the wound when we wish to draw the matter from it. A fresh leaf is applied every day until all the matter is drawn out. When we wish to heal a wound the upper part of the leaf is applied. The leaf is held in position by means of a small bandage.
    The leaves of the Coltsfoot are dried and smoked in a pipe as a cure for Asthma. The smoke should be inhaled.
    The roots of the Yarrow or Milfoil

  2. Herbs


    Most harmful weeds growing at home - Dark leaves. Nettles. Groundsel. Crowfoot, Coltsfoot. Chicken weed, "Buachallanns", Dandelions. Rushes. Thistles. Moss.

    Thistles require good land. Story told of blind man who went with his son to "walk" a farm they were contemplating the buying of. Told son to tie the horse to a thistle or Geosadan. Son said there was not any such weed in field. "Come away then" said he. Land poor.
    Wet land grows rushes.
    (2) Geosadáin is a poisenous weed to animals. There is a cure for other diseases.
    (3) Rushes. Generaly grow on wet lands and are useful for thatching hay-stacks
    (4) Dandelions. is a useful feed for young Turkeys and for young pigs.
    (5) Dog leaves are one great harm to land, and are useful when you get a sting of a nettle.

  3. Cures

    Pat Croke
    circa 70

    Warts: - juice of spurge; juice of dandelion.
    Coughs: - infusion of coltsfoot; syrup of poppies
    Chin-cough: - cured by food left behind by ferrets
    Antony's Fire: - dried Male Fern
    Sore eyes: - "Eyebright" apply leaf to eye. Eyebright is a plant that grows in boggy places
    To heal cuts and sores: - ointment made from broad-leaved plantain and lard: Scrofula is cured by the knotty figwort
    Burns: - plaster made of laurel-leaves; also hartstongue fern.
    Nettle-sting: cured by dock leaf. Jaundice is cured by mint.
    Ringworm: washing-soda dissolved in water. Boils: apply poultice of roast cabbage. Blood purifier: three meals of nettles in month of May
    Rickets in children: - Forge-water i.e. the water in the trough used by the smith to cool iron. Bleeding: Blood-weed growing on edge of ponds, apply and press out juice of leaf.
    In the old church of Railstown there is a waterfont. Anyone drinking the water is cured of disease.
    Put a "band"* out on St Brigid's night and you are never sick
    If you put on your left boot & stocking first every morning you never get toothache.
    Nettle-water cures murrain in cattle
    * "band" = a cloth worn round the head for "headache.