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  1. Herbs


    The following are the most harmful weeds and herbs growing on our farm;- the nettle, the thistle, the plaintain, the spurge, the sherpherd's purse, the ground sel, the chickweed, the carpenders leaf, the dock leaf, the ragweed, the buttercup, the freshia, the watercress, the wild retch, the travelours joy, the scutch grass, the dandelion, the burdock, the robin run the hedge, the colts foot, the buacalán buide, the mint, the rose noble, the thyme, the horse leaf, the dog leaf, the crows foot, the wild pansy, the wild poppy, the blood weed, the fox glove, St Patrick's leaf.
    The thistle and the coltsfoot are the most common weeds which harm the corn fields.
    The Nettle. The nettle is a very common weed. It is usually found growing in rocky ground. It is also used by many for flavouring broth.
    The Dock - leaf. The dock leaf is very common. It is not harmful. If it is rubbed on the sting of a nettle it cures it. The juice is good to