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  1. Local Cures

    Daniel Mulcahy

    Local Cures.

    Before doctors' treatments came into use, people used to make up medicines from herbs and plants. These medicines were used for curing diseases, but are not used too much now-a-days, owing to the development of doctor's and hospital treatment.
    There are numerous herbs which grow in our ditches and meadows which were very valuable to our grandmothers or greatgrandmothers in days of old. They are used in some medicines of course, but the medicines which were made at home are much purer, and valuable nowadays. I, myself know some herbs which ere used, and I will quote a few. Jesters, the little green cup-shaped leaves are a cure for the jaundice.
    Cough-grass for a cold. Buttercups for a complaint known as heartburn. Chickweed for a swollen joint. House leek for sore eyes. Marshmallow for cattle with swollen udders. Coltsfoot for sore throats. These medicines are used