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  1. Herbs

    Violet Seabrooke
    Mrs O' Gorman

    The most harmful weeds growing on a farm are ragwort, docks and thistles. The ragwort spreads rapidly. The docks also spread quickly and the thistle. The docks impoverish the soil. Clover only grows where the land is good. Thistles are found on only poor land. Rushes also grow on poor wet land.
    Thyme is very good for asthma. The tea is made from ordinary garden thyme, either fresh or dried. The tea is made in the following way. The leaves are gathered and put into a saucepan and allowed to simmer for three hours.
    Mint tea is very good for a headache. The leaves of the mint are gathered and put in a saucepan to boil. A pound of sugar is added and stirred frequently till all the sugar is dissolved.
    Coltsfoot tea is very good for sore throats or asthma. Put a handful of leaves either fresh or dried into a quart of water and simmer till reduced to a pint, strain and while still hot pour into a jug, where you have placed a sliced lemon and