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  1. Local Landlords


    The first landlords of the property of this place were the Hunts. They lived in Waterloo so called after the battle of Waterloo in which one of the Hunts fought. They sold the property to a company called the Irish Land Company. This company sold it to Colonel White of the English army.Later on it passed into the hands of Lord Annaly who was a friend of Colonel White's He was the last landlord before it was taken over by the Irish Land Commission. There were other small estates in the neighbourhood, owned by Langley Hemphill and Stephney who were all Cromwellian planters
    Langley lived in a place called Lickfin and the people used to call him "Yellow Seán." He was very cruel to his tenants and it is said that there were twenty families one evening evicted by him on Neagle's Road. Lickfin, where he lived, is situated near the Slieveardagh Hills and when he was dying he gave orders that all the colliers that would come to his