Text search

This text search covers three different categories:

  1. schools’ data (school name, location, teacher’s name, school roll number)
  2. story data (title or first line of story, names and professions of informants and collectors, addresses in the form of a logainm.ie ID number)
  3. the text of transcribed stories provided by Meitheal Dúchas.ie

You can switch from category to category by using the tabs above the results.

Please note that this is not a ‘clever’ search. It does not recognise inflected or derived forms (a search for ‘year’ will not return ‘years’) and variant spellings of words are not recognised (a search for ‘centre’ will not return ‘center’). The * symbol can be used at the end of a search term to search all words beginning with that search term; for example, ‘folk*’ will find ‘folklore’, ‘folktale’ etc.

Accent marks (‘fadas’) are ignored in the search.

You can search among surname clusters here.

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