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Use this facility to search for people associated with the materials in The Manuscript Collection, The Photographic Collection or The Audio Collection, i.e. the collectors, informants and other relevant persons. (If you want to search for people in the body text or title, use the text search.)

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  1. Ó Buachalla, Eóghan

    Ua Buachalla, Eóghan

    c. 1905

    Garryleagh, Co. Cork

  2. Ó Buachalla, Dómhnall

    Ua Buachalla, Dómhnall

    c. 1860

    Toorboney, Co. Cork

  3. Ua Buachalla, Domhnall

    Ó Buachalla, Domhnall


    Boherboy, Co. Cork

  4. Ó Cathail, Tomás

    Ua Cathail, Tomás

    c. 1863

    Loiscreán, Co. Waterford

    Ballynamona, Co. Waterford

  5. Coll, Tadhg

    Ua Colla, Tadhg

    c. 1851

    An Srath Mór, Co. Donegal

  6. Ó Cróinín, Seán

    Ua Cróinín, Seán

    8 January 1915

    14 March 1965

    Skibbereen, Co. Cork

  7. Ó Cuilinn, Liam

    Cuilinn, Liam

    Ua Cuilinn, Liam

    c. 1913

    Dún Dubháin Íochtarach, Co. Donegal