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Use this facility to search for people associated with the materials in The Manuscript Collection, The Photographic Collection or The Audio Collection, i.e. the collectors, informants and other relevant persons. (If you want to search for people in the body text or title, use the text search.)

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  1. de Paor, Pádraig

    Paor, Pádraig

    An Paorach

    Kilnacarriga, Co. Tipperary

  2. Paor, Micil

    de Paor, Micil

    c. 1871

    An Seanphobal, Co. Waterford

  3. de Paor, Brighid

    Paor, Bríd

    Ní Paor, Bríd

    Kilnacarriga, Co. Tipperary

  4. Paor, Bean Mhicil

    de Paor, Bean Mhicil

    c. 1881

    An Seanphobal, Co. Waterford

  5. Paor, Liam

    c. 1901

    Baile Uí Churraoin Thuaidh, Co. Waterford