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2019-05-22 19:40
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to be surrendered on a years warning if my Lord or his Sonne comes to Setle there"but neither (his ) my Lord or his son Henry ,the 7th earl nor any of his race ever occupied Bunratty again.
A lease of "Bunratty Castle "for 99 years was granted by the 8th earl and last to one Robert Amory in 1709 and in 1712 ,the Commissioners acting under parliament specially passed to enable the earl to give leases for ever -contracted with Thomas Amory ,Esq.for a fee -farm grant of same.
By a deed dated Sept 26 the of that year ,for a consideration of £225 ,and a rent of £120 per annum ,a lease for ever to Thomas Amory was perfected of the "Castle",farm and lands of Bunratty about 472 acres ," with free ingress ,egress and regress for a coach or cart thro'the Park o Bunratty to Sixmilebridge .
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