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for many generations .
From the hill above ,a view of the Shannon and surrounding Country for 50 miles around,every acre of which was the property of O'Brien ,was to be obtained .The herd of deer was the finest in Ireland. Rinucinni is enthusiastic in his praises of the place .In a letter to his brother he says "I have no hesitation in asserting that Bunratty is the most beautiful spot i have ever seen .In Italy there is nothing like the palace and grounds of Lord Thomand nothing like its ponds and park with its 3000 head of deer".His secretary ,Massari in a letter to the same nobleman speaks of the castle and its site as the most delightful place he had seen in Ireland ."Nothing" ,he says could be more beautiful, and the palace is fit for an emperor.
Modern History of Bunratty.
This is quite uneventful .In 1656 the year before Barnaby's death he leased "Bunratty" ;one Quarter ",to John Cooper