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fire to the Castle in town at all points. But it was repaired while in the hands of Edward into whose hands it fell owing to the default of an heir made to Richard De Clare .However in spite of all on July 20 th 1332 the castle was taken by King Murtogh,and his chief lieutenant, Mac Conmara probably mac Con ,son of Lochlainn son of Lumeadhe Mór,At last after many a well laid siege and fierce assault. Sir Thomas De Clare famous fortress fell it stood the brunt of battle bravely for 52 years of ceaseless strife and was a place according to all con contemporary accounts of extra ordinary strength ,quite beyond the power of men to conquer .it was utterly demolished on this occasion. There is not a trace of of the Clans great fortress now to be seen : all has disappeared.
The Third Castle
This castle is known as De Rokeby's Castle It was built in 1353 ,as we learn from an unknown annalist that Sir Thomas de Rokeby.who had been sent to Ireland as Justician in 1350 "with English troops ,caused both Thomand and Munster with their chief rulers to wit