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Muscegros ,the Credit is undoubtedly due of erecting the first castle at Bunratty in or about 1251. The mote on which it stood is still visible north of the present Castle, and consists of a flat -topped mound of earth quite unable to support the weight of the ponderous Castle of stone. it was therefore probably built of wood ,and was of little importance.
The second Castle.
Sir Thomas De Clare ,the first of his name who settled in Thomand built the second Castle in 1277 .It consisted of a single stone tower of great strength ,enclosed by a strong surrounding wall ,and further fortified by a deep ditch and palisade but above all by surrounding stood near the river on or near the site of the present castle .According to Mac Craith ,De Clares stronghold "a roofed impregnable donjon ,having capacious lime- whited appurtenances and girt with thick outer walls ".This Castle was attacked several times but withstood all attacks.
After the battle of Dysert O Dea in May 1318 ,lady De Clare on hearing of the death of Sir Richard and his supposed son,set