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On the western side a late 8 century house has been built ,which has up to recently been used as a police barrack.Externally the building is remarkably plain but its great size and solidity produce an impressing effect not easily forgotten .With the exception of Kincora and Clonroad ,both of which are now gone even to the last stone.
Bunratty historically speaking is the most interesting spot in Thomand as its castle is certainly to-day the most important secular building .the present castle and its predecessors for there were three such ,as intimately connected with the chief historical events therein occurring from the 12th to the 17th century .During the 41 odd years of the De Clare occupation of Tradaree and for a further 37 years ,during which the English still held a precarious occupation of the district Bunratty was a stem-centre round which surged a fierce of un-related war a veritably maelstrom of strife ,to close only with the complete expulsion of the invaders.
The First Castle.
To the Anglo Norman ,Robert De