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the whole of north munster Uí Connaill and make them subject to them.the spot offered every temptation to an invading force bent on conquest,but the brave gave the barbarians no peace ,and cleaned them out completely.
In the 13th century the A Norman similarly attracted by the richness, beauty and strategical advantages of this smiling land selected Tradaree as the fittest spot in Thomand to settle in and fortify ,making it a base for further conquest .They also, as we shall see were driven out.
In the S E extremity of this delectable district stands the castle of Bunratty .It is about 60 feet from the river bank of the O Garney river at the edge of a gently sloping hill of several acres across in extent.
The castle is a huge and imposing mass with its lofty and frowning southern must deeply impress the least emotional traveller who passes that way and thousands do so every day,as it lies on the main lain between limerick and Ennis -a beautiful trunk road