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2019-07-20 12:24
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I live in the Townland of Ralaghan. There are eleven houses in it. Ten of these are occupied and one with nobody in it. Four of these houses are slated, three are covered with corrugated iron and three thatched with oat straw. There is one house with nobody in it.
This house was formerly occupied by two men named Hicks. One of these men died about thirty years ago and the other bought a farm in Killyclare. He is now dead and he left one of his farms to a nephew and sold the other to Mr Lynch. The gables which are built with stone and lime are there. The lime was got in Carrick Kilns and the stones were got in a quarry beside the old house. There are plum bushes growing along the walls and there is a well about one perch from the door.
The well is cleaned out every Summer by the owner and there is a big bush growing at the back of the well which is