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2019-06-14 08:43
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There is a part of our farm which is called "Planxty" Long ago there were three fields in it, but Daddy took out a hedge and made two fields into one. It lies close to the country road and in the smallest field there is a well. The water in this well is the best I ever tasted. On the hottest day it is icy cold, and it never has gone dry. Old people say that long ago people who were sick came from all parts of Ireland on Mid - summer's night and danced round this well. When they were going away they took a bottle of water with them and they were supposed to leave some little thing at the well for the fairies. I have heard that there are two or three wells in Ireland all having the same name as ours. I would like to know where they are and I wonder what the word Planxty means.