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"Croker" soon saw his mistake, as his life near came to an end,
He saw what a valiant champion, his blood-hounds should contend,
Aloud he cried; "Work on the Ram,
I fear we'll be no more"
"For Brave McGrath will us defeat,
Down by Moyasta Shore."
The army then surrounded him, his arms for to bind,
And said to him, "Brave champion this day you will resign,"
"We will take you now a prisoner,
and you will not be seen anymore,"
"We will send you off in exile,
"Far from Moyasta Shore".
When he saw he was a prisoner,
his excitement further rose,
And with a heart both stout and brave,
he went to meet his foe.
He asunder burst the hand-cuffs, and knocked the police once more,