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There was once a man who went to the fair of Bailieborough. He got a pack of cards and went to play a game of fifteen on an old stone wall in the middle of the town. They played a long time until one of them went home feeling very ill. The others went too. The sick man walked until he came to the old barns, near the old castle of Cabra. He got up on the old loft and he fell asleep. There was a large number of cats staying there led by a big black cat who said to the other young cats, "There is a lady in Shirley's castle. She is blind and if you get a bottle of water from the new garden well her sight will be restored." The man heard this and he got a bottle of water from the well, and he went and threw it on the lady's eyes. At once her sight was restored. The lady gave him two thousand pounds for himself. His brother went and slept on the loft again. At once the