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Legend of Benaughlin
Northwest of Swanlinbar is the semi-isolated peak of Benaughlin or Ben Cacalbra said to be the headquarters of the Ulster fairies. Tradition has it that Donn McGuire, the first prince of Fermanagh still haunts th epeak and it is firmly believed that when any of his direct descendants die a "splinne" falls of the rocky face of Benaughlin, locally called Bunn. This chieftain goes by the name Donn na Binne and he is paid to preside over the fairies of Fermanagh. The Donn is said to have frequently assisted McGuire in his battles and an instance is preserved where this assistance turned the seale of a battle fought by McGuire at the Two Mile River. Mcguire had exhausted all his amunition and he invoked the aid of Donn na Binne who, by his invisible agencey strenghtened MaGuires soldiers to win the battle by throwing Irish balls (stones).
Legend of St Náile (Nathaile or Nathanial) of Kinawley-
It is said that St Náile was not the first hermit who built a cell at Kinawley. It is said that St Rabharnóg lived there before him