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Historical Tradition
The Land War started here in eighteen seventy nine. Eighteen seventy nine was a very bad year. The potatoes were a total failure and the weather was so bad that no turf could be saved. The price for cattle was at the lowest ebb. As a result the farmers were unable to pay any rent. Under these circumstances the farmers had to combine to to resist the exactions of the landlord. At this time there was landgrabbing; when a tenant was evicted another tenant took the farm and got it by merely paying the rent. The landleague put an end to all this grabbing. The local bailiff was so frightened that he had to seek police protection. The regular battle then began between the landlord and the tenants. On one side were the combined tenants the emergency men police gamekeepers and sometimes soldiers on the side of the landlord. The evictions began and if the rents and costs were not paid the houses were tossed by means of a battering ram, which was manipulated by the emergency men. This continued for over twelve months and was ended by the landlord of eighteen eighty one. The tenants succeeded and the landlord went down.