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Some years ago Capt. Frank Tyrrell of the firm of Keason Tyrrell, thought he would buy a fast steamship to take the place of schooners and sailing ships. He thought to buy one that would bring him good trade.
Capt. Frank Tyrrell went to Belfast and ordered a new steamship to be built.
The ship was duly built in Belfast and named the "Hammerthight". The ship sailed from Belfast to Arklow. Hundreds of people went down to the pier to see the beautiful ship, they all said it was a fine ship and it would do credit to Arklow.
A crew was signed on and all were hopeful for good trade between Arklow and English ports.
On a very warm Summers day with no wind in the air. The "Hammerthight" sailed down the Harbour on her maiden voyage
Many of the people stood on the Quay to see her sail out gracefully. Many of the people were on their way home when the word went round that the "Hammerthight"