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2019-05-23 12:38
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William Tracey, Ballinakilbeg, was telling me that one day, about ten years ago, he was at a threshing at John Mahon's old house, in Johnstown Nearing the end of the rick a strange little animal made a dash out, and made its escape into a rabbit burrow, though a determined effort was made to capture it. It was something bigger than a weasel, and was covered with fur. It somewhat resembled a squirrel, but without the squirrel's remarkable tail, and had a white circle round its neck. It must have fed on the rats and vermin that live in and cause such dustruction in ricks that are left for Spring threshing, as neither rat nor mouse was found in the whole rick. Mr. Tracey learned afterwards that the little animal was a stoat, and is almost extinct in this country.