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Old Schools 6 -5 - '38
The schools in olden times were much different from those nowadays. During the penal laws there were no schools for catholics in Ireland but teachers used to go around teaching anyone who wished to learn. At that time some people wer'nt able to write their names. There was a hedge school in Bawnree. The teacher's name was Mr Hanlan. The young scholars used to go to school in the day and the bigger scholars used to go in the night and bring a sod of turf or candle with them. There were only a few books in the school that belonged to the master. The masters used to get their keep for their teaching. When my father was going to school the master's name was Master McCabe. He taught three subjects - writing, reading and arithmetic. He only got £18 a year. He used to teach night-school at a farmer's house. Those who went to night-school never had been at any other school. They used to make a