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seal. It might be fine for a seal now Ned Scully
bas The hurl is broken on the 'bas'
scallíon a small onion
cúramach He is too curamach about himself.
racaim abhaile. He is only a 'rachaim abhaile' of a farmer.
bail.. That story is all'bais'
cabóg. An awkward ill mannered person.
púca. Aren't you afraid of the púca?
trálach. I have a trálach in my wrist
oighir. (soreness in the neck)
cric. I have a 'cric' in my neck.
caoin. The bean sidhe was caoin-ing
sceilp. He gave me a sceilp of the stick
Gleann deimhin Ainm áite
bóthar cam Ainm áite
Poll dubh Ainm áite
glac. I want the loan of a 'glac' of sugar.
lághach She was a lághach (laughy) creature. Jack Maher [?]
stráchálaidhe. A man always 'behind' with this work
caibín An old hat.
cogar mogar secret talk i.e. matchmaking
'God increase your store" after receiving present or help
'God bless the cows!' after a drink of milk
'much good it may do him!' said of a grasping person when he gets somethign
One hand was as long as the other with him empty handed