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Across the Creggan road there is a bridge which is called "Cage's Bridge". The reason why it got that name was because a landlord named Mr Cage was shot a few perches away from it.
The townland of Creggan itself is called after rocks because it was a whole mass of rocks at one time, but most of them are not to be seen at [?] present.
On our own lands in Creggan there is a ruin of an old house. A named Robin Ruas lived in it, the field in which the old house is situated is called Robin Ruas's field.
On the western side of the Creggan road about two miles north-west of Ferbane an old bush is growing. It is called the Beggar's Bush. There is no account of how it got that name.
On the side of the road to Creggan there is an old borreen which is used by Thomas Bennett. That old boreen is called the "Black Boreen". The reason why it got that name was [?] because it was always dark and muddy and closed in with [?] bushes.