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On Hallow Eve the "pookas" go round from house to house dancing and playing music. They are dressed in funny clothes and have masks on their so that they are not recognised.
The ring, water and clay game is played on this night. Three plates are got, clay on one, a ring on an-other and water on the other. Each person is blindfolded and led to the plates. He who puts his hand on the plate with the clay on it will die soon, on the plate with the ring will marry and on the plate with the water will cross the sea. Of course this is only a game.
The game "snap-apple" is also played. The apples are hung by strings from a cross stick which is spun around and the players are expected to take a bite from one of these while they move so quickly. An apple is the reward of success. Sometimes apples are placed in a bath of water and the players try to catch them with their mouths or on a fork held in the mouth.