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The pigeon, robin, wren, crow, thrush, sparrow, blackbird, tom-tit, jay, hawk, yellowhammer and skylark are common in our district.
Migratory Birds.
Corncrakes, cuckoos, martins, swallows, and swifts are migratory birds.
Birds that come to Us in summer.
The cuckoo, swallow, martin, swift, corncrake, and linnets come to us in Summer.
Birds that come to Us in Winter.
The wild goose, woodcock, snipe, and plover come to us in Winter
The wren builds a round nest of moss and wool, and makes a tiny hole for to get in. The waterhen builds a nest on rushes or weeds in a river.
The blackbird builds its nest of sticks on top of a chimney or on a high tree. A robin or tom-tit builds in a mossy bank