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There was a man wan time who was reared as a pet.
He was the youngest son of a widow, and he married a neighbouring girl who had a house of her own.
This man's name was Jack Coleman.
After goin' to live with his wife in her farm, he became very morose and silent an' lost all his jolly ways
His wife consulted a neighbouring woman an' told her of his silent an' serious disposition.
"Wait", said the woman, "I bet yeh, I'll make him laugh to-morrow."
The following day, when they were eatin' their dinner, this woman flung a cock with the feathers all plucked off, in over the half-door, on to the kitchen floor, with the result the Misses and the servants went into fits of laughter, but Jack only said, "How funny yez are"
The wife next went to his mother and told her about Jack.
The mother asked her did she ever give him the serapin' of the pot, she said "No"