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prayer. The straws are to be buried and when they are fully decayed the warts will be cured. If you take up the straws before they are decayed you will get twice as many warts as you had before.
The dandelion boiled in milk is supposed to cure consumption.
If you have warts you should wash them in forge-water. You must say the "Our Father" at the same time, and in three days the warts are cured. A man by the name of Michael Nolan washed his hands in it and the warts were cured. (Some wash without speaking)
When you have a cold you should put goose grease on a piece of flannel and put it on your chest.
There is a well in Coolaphooka, about one mile north west of Bunclody and they call it the Spá Well. People used to come to it and drink the water to make them strong.
When you have chilblains you should put parrafin oil on them to cure them.
If you have chilblains you should scoop out a turnip and put salt on the part you scooped out. Then you should put the part back in the turnip again. When you are going to bed you should put the mixture of salt and the piece of the turnip in a rag and put it on the chilblains.