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The leipreachan is known locally as the luiricin. He is said to be about six or seven inches tall. The luiricin is dressed in a red coat and breeches. He has a little cap with a tassel out of it. He lives in the woods. He is seen sitting on the stump of an old tree on a moonlight night making shoes for fairies. If you catch the luiricin he will tell you where gold is hidden. When you catch him you must take his cap and do not give it back to him until you get the gold.You must keep your eyes on him or he will get away. Some people say that when the luiricin is seen the end of the world is coming. He was seen by Mr. Nolan and Bill Murphy of Irish St, in Ryland Wood. Mick Lyons, Church St. saw him near the Hall-Dare's pond, Maide Salac. Mick said that a little man with a red coat jumped out of the ditch. Mick was afraid and ran away. The little man shouted after him but Mick did not come back. Mick Lyons saw him in the Priest's Lane as well