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used to be taken every evening by the fairies and used to be back in the morning. One evening when she was coming out of the rath with sticks she fell and broke her arm.
There is a rath in Kidd's field. One Summer when the hay was being saved there were three girls walking through the field. Their names were Dunne. There was no wind out but when they were walking over a certain spot the hay rose around them. One of the girls was going to say, "There is fairies going away", but she had not time to say it because she fainted.
There is a tree in Kidd's field and they call it a raheen. There is a track around the tree and fairies were seen going around it. The men who saw them were Mr. Doyle and Mr. Kidd of Ballypracus, Bunclody. The tree is a white thorn.