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man and tried to catch him but he failed. He felt very queer. He went home and got into bed. He was in bed for eight weeks and then he had to go to the Asylum.
There is a rath in Tom-a-Tee, about three hundred yards from the bank of the Slaney, called the Round O. There was a man falling a tree in it and he broke four of his fingers. When the men came next morning to draw home the tree it was growing again.
There is a rath in Mr. Kelly's field, in Drumderry. There is a tree in the middle of it which he should bot interfere with.
There is a rath in Bolinrush and there are bushes growing around it. A man cut bushes there and when he came out he fell dead.
There is a rath in Caragh and a man cut bushes in it. He put the bushes on a car and then he got up on the car himself. When he was coming out of the rath he fell off the car and broke his neck. He was from Carnew.
There is a rath near Tom-a-Tee. A man was ploughing in it and the plough hit a stone. The man fell dead and the ploughing he had done was filled in again.
There is a rath up Hospital Hill and if anyone tills it something will happen him. It is about one mile from Bunclody.
There is a rath called the Round O near Bunclody. A woman named Doyle used to pick sticks there. She