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for the purpose. The furrow was then dug and chopped to make fine and this was spread on the top and made the surface of the ridge smooth.
In dry land the ridges were spread in the same way. A harrow was sometimes used to level the surface and make the clay fine. Furrows about one foot wide were cut with a plough between each ridge. The clay from the furrow was shovelled on to the ridge.
In the village of Kilmuckridge there was what was known as a Stirabout Kitchen. The meal was supplied free to the persons in charge. The stirabout was made the the food ready cooked was given free of charge to anyone making application for a supply.

I heard that there was a stirabout boiler in Blackwater opposite Darby Walshe's house in the street of Blackwater. The house at that time was occupied by a Mr Cunningham who owned the boiler. The people went for the stirabout and got so much according to the size of their