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There is an old ruin in the townland of Newpark. It is a very fine old building. There are fifteen windows on the front of it, and fifteen on the back, and three doors, two on the front, and one on the back. During the trouble time there was ammunition stored in the top storey of it. In the year 1829 the slates were blown off it. According to old tradition they say it way built in the seventeen century. It contains twenty two app-ortments, There is an old story told about a girl, who fell from the top story, and she was killed instantly. It is very dangerous to go in to it, because it is liable to fall anytime. There is nothing in it but old crows and jackdaw's nests.
The first owner of this house was a man named "Sancho", and the last Colonel Davis from Rathcline. The property is since divided, and the plot which this ancient ruin stands, is now owned by a man named "Curran". It is now covered with ivy, as a mark of its great age. It is three and a half miles from this ruin to the town of Lanesborough and three miles from it to NewtownCashel village. The building material was very good, and the mortar is there to be seen to this day. The principal door faces south west, and out before it, there was a beautiful lawn. From nearly one hurdred years before the night of the high wind, no person lived in it.