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Running to the north and parallel to the Kells road is one part of which is known as Claide Stoca. Mullaghroy Lane or Shanagown Lane leading to McGuinness farm. There was a forge at the end of this lane until recently and said to be "haunted" by a "white woman". The gate beside the school is known as "Bellews Gate" said to be haunted by a "white cow". A short distance from Grange Cross, on Slane road there is a hollow on the right hand side. It is said that no matter what efforts are made to put a stone down in it, it rises again.

Cross of Balrenny. There is a white lady seen on back of carts going to the fair and horses terrified. There is a Bean Síde at "Neddy's Gate" on Drogheda road. A woman with a white coat and a white cloth round her neck appears after ten o'clock.
Lights are seen at school gate sometimes.
Twelve yellow candles were seen on several occasions.

There is supposed to be a Bean Sídhe at McDonagh's Gate, near Balrenny. A woman sitting on the gate combing her hair and always crying was seen on several occasions.

Patrick Conlan was going to Drogheda at 10 a.m.