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In this district the road is often referred to as the "Street".
There is a road from Sallygarden in Creewood to Cross of Balrenny. It is running due east and west. The Devlin river flows under that road. It is called the Kells road because it is leading to Kells.
Interesting this is a road from Farrell's Cross leading north and returning east and south to intersect at Crosslane. The circular section is known as Ballymachugh. The road due north and south instersecting at Grange Cross and leading to Collon and Slane is known as School road. Part of this is called "Board of Works". It is a deep cutting in the hill said to have been made in the famine times. The daily wage was fourpence a day and one meal of indian meal stirabout. It was on this road the old village of Newtown was situated. (account of village given elsewhere).
Close to this village was the "Windy Granary" from which the present school, Church, Parish, get their names, Grangegeith; or "Gráinseach Ghaoithe".