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Get Meachan Átha Abhann - a parsnip-like herb found growing in the shallow water near the banks of streams. It has a root like a parsnip, and must be pulled fully out of the water. Clean it perfectly and wrap it in 4 cabbage leaves so that no portion of the root is visible. Roast this in the Gríosach for about two hours. The roasted root is next bruised very finely and mixed with butter, and clapped on top of the boil or boils.
The person suffering from the boils must not be present when the roasted herb is taken from the Gríosach. The explanation given for this is that the worm which causes the boil would get the fumes of the roasted herb and would have moved away from the place where the boil is. The herb is supposed to kill the worm that causes the boil.

Collected by
Thomas Carty
Rathkenny N.S.

Michael McKenna